What Makes Our Products So Great?

  • Our products are Dr. Morse's top of the line Cellular Herbal Formula teas & blends, tinctures, capsules, and salves, etc.
  • Each formula specifically meets each person's health issue needs.  
  • Our products have been proven reliable and their cost is reasonable.
  • Our products treat the Cause and not the Symptoms.  

What We Offer


FYI Health Talk...is a service oriented company teaching people how to rid their bodies of toxins. Our service teaches instead of preaches


FYI Health Talk...offers continuing education on healthy living, targeting individual problems and needs specific to your health issues


We love introducing new knowledge for informational purposes, providing reliable products, and welcome you to become a part of our family


We want to help you become a healthier you. The strength of our business is integrity, service, and reliability - Contact Us  - we would love to hear from you


Thank you! I lost 50 lbs using your products and Detox Plan. I fell off the wagon - gained it all back - and ended up with AFib. The doctor wanted to cut the nerve endings on my heart. You rescued me again and this time I stuck to the program outlined. The doctor said I am back to normal and he won't have to operate, and to keep doing what I am doing with his blessing. I trust you and I trust your products. I can't make it without your herbs. Thanks again. .

Brent I

I had athletes foot so bad I could hardly wear my shoes. I tried all the products on the market and they didn't help. I did what you suggested and used the herbs you told me about and guess what - my problem went away. My feet have never looked and felt so good. I am passing on your information to an employee with the same problem - that he came to work bare footed the other day. Thanks.

Troy C

I know your Detox Diet Program works. I used it and lost weight. I have to admit I was not committed after the weight loss and fell back into my old habits. I saw a newscast on TV and the health specialist said all the things that you have told me. I am going to commit again and this time stick with it. Thank you. .

M. Parkes