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Glycerin Tinctures

Each glycerin tincture is made of tissue specific organic herbs combined specially for the regeneration of the cells of the body.
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Glycerin Tincture Bones-Connective Tissue Support Glycerin Tincture

A Glycerin formula to aid in healing the bones and connective tissues. It is a botanical herbal supplement formula that does what it was formulated to do. Can be taken on a regular schedule to maintain continued bones and connective tissue support.

: $25.00
Glycerin Tincture for Kidney & Bladder Kidney & Bladder II Glycerin

A glycerin formula used to aid in the healing of kidney and bladder issues. A 'must buy' for anyone who wants to maintain healthy kidneys and bladder.

: $25.00
Kidney and Gallbladder Tincture Liver/Gallbladder Glycerin Tincture

A glycerin formula to aid the rebuilding of the liver and gallbladder. Issues include: kidney weakness or failure, urinary tract infections, bags under the eyes, kidney and bladder stones, etc.

: $25.00
Lower Circulation Glycerin Tincture Lower Circulation Glycerin Tincture

A glycerin formula to aid in the lower circulatory system and the vascular system. This formula is specifically targets congestion of the arteries, veins, and the heart.

: $25.00
Lungs II Support Glycerin Tincture Lungs II Support Glycerin Tincture

No alcohol in this tincture. It is a formula designed to loosen hardened mucus in the lungs, bronchial tubes and sinus areas.

: $25.00
Lymph Node I Support Glycerin Tincture Lymph Node I Support Glycerin Tincture

Created with Glycerin as the preservative this formula cleanses and strengthens the lymphatic tissue and nodes of the body and enhances the immune system.

: $25.00
Upper Circulation Glycerin Tincture Upper Circulation Glycerin Tincture

A glycerin formula for regulation of the upper circulatory system. Created to remove inflammation and vascular system obstructions. Also seizures and convulsions - or other brain connected issues.

: $25.00
Endocrine Glands Glycerin Tincture Endocrine Glands Glycerin Tincture

The glycerin formula for enhancing the Endocrine Gland System. Created to strengthen, tone and regenerate the endocrine gland system to include the Pineal, Pituitary, Ovaries, Prostate, etc.

: $27.00
Glycerin Tinctures Information

Glycerin tinctures are absorbed into the bloodstream. Dr. Morse's glycerin tinctures are made with vegetable glycerin and raw honey.

NOTE: Health and healing starts with you, not your body. Fear of change creates a mental block regarding food, recreation and lifestyle. Herbs have been used for thousands of years for the treatment of health and not the treatment of disease.