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Try our collection of four different herbal healing salves. The salve formulas are restricted for use according to each individuals particular disease issue.
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Anti-Fungal Salve Anti-Fungal Salve

This salve loves to kill the bad stuff, heal, and protect. This herbal formula was created to be applied to insect bites, and skin irritations. It is strong. Apply to affected area as needed.

: $33.00
Drawing Salve Drawing Salve

Used for deep detoxification to draw inflammation and tumors from within the body tissues. Apply Salve over area; cover with piece of gauze; leave on for 24 hours, remove gauze and wash area; apply the same way for 3 more days. Repeat as needed. (NOT FOR USE ON THE FACE)

: $33.00
Skin/Burn Salve Skin/Burn Salve

Specifically designed for burns and other skin issues. It is an herbal formulation which will sooth and heal scalded or burned skin. Also used for acne, bruises, inflammation, itching, etc.

: $33.00
Healing Salve Healing Salve

A Salve to be used for: abrasions, abscesses, acne, athlete’s foot, boils, bug bites, burns, chicken pox, cuts, eczema, frostbite, general cleanser, infection, inflammation, itching, mouth sores, parasites, poison ivy/oak, psoriasis, ringworm, skin ulcerations, shingles, sunburn, sty, tumors, warts, wounds, etc. Apply on infected area as needed.

: $33.00
An herbal formula created to heal and soothe skin irritations resulting from insect bites, rashes and infections, as well as a variety of other issues. Apply as needed to the affected area,

This formula aims at the nasty stuff. This herbal formula is a strong, all natural herbal blend that reduces inflammation and skin irritations and helps promote healing. Usage: Apply a small amount liberally to the affected area as needed.

Used to draw infection, etc., out of a wound/cut area that is infected. Usage: Wash affected area. Apply salve the size of a quarter over the cleaned area. Cover with a piece of gauze cut to the area size. Tape in place. Leave on 24 hours. Remove gauze - wash area again. Keep applying the salve for the next 3 days or as needed. DO NOT USE ON THE FACE.


This herbal salve formula soothes and heals scalded or burned skin injury issues. Also used for bruises, eczema, itching, sunburn, wounds, etc. Suggested Usage: Apply a small amount liberally to the affected area as needed.

NOTE: All the salve's are 'specific to the cause' herbal formulas mixed in a base of various organic oils (olive, grapeseed, coconut, and Hemp seed).