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These herbal teas and blends are unique. All the herbal teas are formulated from organic, wildcrafted herbs. Each formula targets a specific health related issue in the body, literally giving you a new life feeling. The blends are mega-nutritional for humans and animals.
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Be ready to experience whole body detoxification and regeneration.

An amazing Tea formula created as a powerful detoxifier and body regenerator. Uses include: drinking, douche with it, mouth wash, enema, astringent, anti-inflammatory, bactericide, blood purifier, fatigue, congestion, snake insect bites, headaches, skin conditions, etc. CAUTION: do not use during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy (first 5 months).

This herbal tea was created for chronic inflammation of the stomach tissues, high acidosis, swollen esophagus, inflammation, etc. It helps to strengthen the stomach and intestines, guard against diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, IBS, etc. Designed for folks of all ages and is multi-nutritional. It is even beneficial for animals.

Created as a powerful detoxifier, strengthener and regenerator of the lung tissues. It soothes inflammation and relieves pain. It soothes coughs, treats consumption, clears lungs and relieves spasms. It is is an outstanding healing tea. Suggested usage - Internal, 1-3 cups, 2-4 times a day.

GI BROOM - A Powdered Herb Blend
A powerful, high quality, intestinal cleanser. It was designed to remove toxic build up (mucoid plaque) on the intestinal wall. relieves enteritis, colitis, etc. The GI Broom also removes sulfer accumulation and other toxic chemicals that have been stored in the GI tract wall. It works as an astringent for the GI tract's lymphatic system.

NOTE 1 : Expect stools to look darker than normal. Be sure to stay hydrated. You should also be taking the bowel formulas as Constipation is not wanted. GI Broom is not a laxative.

SUGGESTED USAGE: Mix 1 rounded tsp in 8-10 oz of 100% natural grape or apple juice. Take 1 time daily - either in mid-morning or before bedtime. Follow with a 10-12 oz glass of water.

NOTE 2 : Do not consume with supplements, food, or herbal formulas. Take at least 2 hour after meals and supplementation.

This original Superfood Blend, designed for all ages, is a mega-nutritional formula which fits in all situations, especially highly depleted individuals and is even beneficial for animals. Systemic Actions: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, detoxicant, diuretic, etc.

This product is a mega-nutritional, organic Superfood Blend. The herbs are juiced and then powdered, which makes it more potent - boosting it's nutritional and and energy value. Great for nutritionally depleted folks and great for your pets.

None Known!

Because all of Dr. Morse's herbal supplements formulas are powerful, I suggest you do not take them before bedtime - if you want to sleep...as they are energizers!!!